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Contact Our Team Members

John Freedman, President, Tel: 413-693-1100, Email:

Umberto Santaniello, Chief Financial Officer, Tel: 413-241-5846, Email:

Jonathan Mish, Director of Operations, Tel: 540-525-5878, Email:

JR Scappini, Marketing Director, Tel: 860-471-2927, Email: 

Paul Ferretti, Ferrous Manager/Sales, Tel: 413-693-1103, Email:

Michael Petrick, Industrial Sales Manager, Tel: 413-241-5854, Email:

Shane Hogan, Buyer, Tel:  860-936-1332, Email:

Carlos Casillas, Buyer, Tel:  413-246-8716, Email:

Jonathan Bubier, Project Manager, Tel:  413-276-4026, Email:

John Langevin, EHS and Maintenance Manager:  Tel:  413-781-4444 x107, Email:

Kyle Murphy, Domestic Logistics, Tel: 413-276-4021, 413-241-5855 EXT. 117, Email:

Rodney White, Dispatch, Tel: 413-693-1104, Email:

Krisi Fitzgerald, Shipping/Receiving, Tel:  413-241-5850, Email:

Harrison Shrair, Tel: 413-657-8993, Email:

Donna Lofgren, Accounting, Tel:  413-781-4444 x111, Email:

Robin White, Accounting, Tel:  413-781-4444 x110, Email:

Pat Bernier, Office Manager/HR, Tel:  413-241-5851, Email:

Reception/Admin, Tel:  413-781-4444 x141, Email:

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