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We are the original green industry and strive to be leaders in progressive recycling by implementing best environmental practices throughout all of our facilities.


  • Paved and primarily under roof. This gives us a tremendous advantage in not only receiving and processing scrap safely, accurately and efficiently but also shields our employees from extreme weather.

  • In-house environmental protocols and procedures are in place and implemented daily.

  • Waste oil recovery & collection – all fluids are recovered and either treated on site or disposed of with licensed hazardous waste carriers/processors.

  • New employee and comprehensive ongoing training for all employees.

  • Acceptable Scrap Guidelines enforced, posted and distributed to prevent hazardous streams from reaching and entering our facilities.

  • Spill Prevention Plan

  • Storm Water Plan

  • All of our Catch Basins have oil absorbent filters to contain any tramp fluids from entering storm drains – an extra safeguard against any vehicle drips that could occur from either outside carriers, customers or our own vehicles.

  • Sealed and covered containers provided to our customers as required.

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